Custom fields

In Recruity Professional you can add custom fields to:
  1. Contacts
  2. Companies
  3. Appointments
  4. Tickets
  5. Invoices / Orders
  6. Jobs
Custom fields are organized in categories. Each category will become a tab in the edit dialog and you can set access permissions per category. The custom fields are also searchable and you can add them to the grids.

When we create a category "My information" to the contacts this will look appear like in the following screenshots:

The edit screen:
custom fields

You can add the fields to the grids:
custom fields grid

View the fields in the information panel:
custom fields view

To add custom fields go to:
Start menu -> Custom fields
Add a category first. Click at Manage categories -> Add to add a category.

After the first category is created you can add the fields.

For a user to see the custom fields created, make sure the user has access to the module "Custom fields" and has access to the custom field category at:
Custom fields -> Manage categories -> Doubleclick category -> Permissions