A state-of-the-art ATS

Recruity is a state-of-the-art applicant tracking system, developed to support and protect your investments in recruitment.

Recruity is derived from daily practice. The system has been developed using open source software after existing packages proved insufficient to meet the needs of a modern recruitment agency. The main features:
  • FREE Recruity is free of charge for sole intermediaries, small HR departments and testing purposes. There are no fees for small agencies and you don't pay a dime for test facilities.
  • Open source Our software is based entirely on open source software and contains components of GroupOffice (CRM and job vacancy management), Drupal (content management and design), MySQL (database), PHP (scripting language), Google Code (SEO).
  • Modular Recruity is completely modular, so you only 'turn on' those components that you actually use. This avoids unnecessary complexity and steep learning curves for (new) employees.
  • Freedom of Choice You can run Recruity on your network, to keep all your software and data in-house and to fit the software to your needs. You can also choose to run Recruity on our servers or at any web hosting provider you like.
  • State-of-the-art Because Recruity is built on open source software, you always take advantage of the latest technologies. Large communities of independent developers (GroupOffice, Drupal, MySQL, PHP) write software all the time so new features available on the Internet will be available instantly for you too. Including links to social networks, automatic republishing of vacancies on job portals and other sites, the integration of external news media and the design of micro-sites for specific audiences within your target audiences.
  • SEO search engine optimization - being well found on the Internet - is crucial in the current market. As more people find their new job via the Web, a well positioned website increases your chances of finding suitable candidates for your clients.
  • Migration You use a different recruitment system? For a large number of systems is a ready-made migration path available. This reduces loss of existing data to a minimum.