Recruity can run on your own servers

recruity runs on your own servers
One of the advantages of Recruity is your choice of freedom. You determine whether your system runs in-house, or you can choose to use an Internet version. And you determine which modules you may or may not turn on. Some features of the in-house version of Recruity:

Benefits of running in-house:
  • Full control of functionality and modules Not only determine which modules you use, you can also modify or expand modules.
  • In-house Database You have full access to your databases, also with other interface programs than Recruity. You decide how strict the security of your databases is and how they are made available to employees, clients and candidates. You determine the internal and external backup strategy.
  • Speed Using Recruity on your own network makes the system much faster. Employees are more productive and work independently of the availability of the Internet. Or do you prefer to drink two cups of coffee after entering a query?
Disadvantages of using it on your own servers:
  • Backup You need to have a waterproof backup strategy. If you don't backup regularly, in case of emergencies (fire, water damage, burglary) you will experience valuable information loss.
  • KnowledgeYou do need a fair amount of ICT knowledge to install Recruity on your internal system and to keep it running. You need to be able to install and deploy new versions of the software. Of course you can also outsource this to an external party. If you've changed modules, then there is no guarantee that these work after an update. Therefore you need to document your changes so you can quickly convert to new versions, if desired.
  • Hardware To run Recruity you will need a server. The footprint of a full installation with approximately 50.000 candidates is about 50 Megabytes. Although this system does not have to be expensive (10 users can do with a single server of around 750 euros), this requires an investment. It also requires extra space on your hard drives for the storage of your data - depending on the desired use of Recruity. Moreover, you don't have to invest in additional software: Recruity runs fine on free to use operating systems (Linux, Apache, MySQL).