If you are planning to run Recruity on your own server, please check if this server meets the requirements. Please read this page carefully before you decide to buy Recruity.

Operating SystemLinux, BSD, UNIX, Mac OS X, WindowsLinux
Scripting languagePHP > 5.2
php_mysqli extension
php_imap extension for the email module
Most recent stabile version
Database serverMySQL > 5.0Most recent stabile version
Other toolslibwbxml2 >= 0.9.2 for en-/decoding WBXML
(only needed for synchronization)
Web browserFirefox 1.5+, Safari 3+, Opera 9+, Internet Explorer 6+Firefox 3

To test your server en to discover your host and IP-number for your license, please download the free version of Recruity. Extract the files in a web accessible directory of your server and browse to that location (for example Recruity then tests if your server meets all the requirements. If not, you will receive information about how to modify your settings.

Recruity is partly coded with the Ioncube Encoder. You can install the needed loader free of charge on your server. You can find installation instructions here.

The loaders: