Hosted application available

hosted Recruity
The easiest way to start with Recruity is to open up an account on our servers. The hosted application is a quick start and offers both small and large recruitment organizations benefits.
  • Infrastructure All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection to take advantage of the full functionality of Recruity. No need to invest in hardware and software.
  • Security Our servers are optimally protected against intrusion and abuse of your valuable data.
  • Backup All your data is stored externally once a day. In case of a fatal system error you therefore loose maximum one day of data. On payment, the backup frequency can easily be increased, depending on your needs.
  • Growth When your organization grows, you don't commit to additional investments. Hosted Recruity is charged per user per month. It has no base fee for a minimum number of users or an annual subscription, like many other suppliers. Also Recruity has no long term contracts: you actually pay per month. So if an employee leaves mid-year, then you let it lapse in the system, upon which the user will automatically be removed from billing.
  • Up-to-date Hosted Recruity is automatically kept up to date. So you will be always you work with the latest versions of the modules, without you worrying about upgrading.
  • Investment You do not make investments: you rent Recruity per month per employee. Enough of Recruity? Please let us know, download your database with data you already have built in Recruity and you are away!
And of course there are drawbacks to the use of Recruity over the Internet:
  • Modifications You can still choose which modules you use or not, but you can not independently modify or extend modules. If you want to make changes to the software, you better choose for the in-house implementation.
  • Internet You are dependent on a good internet connection. If your connection is down, you don't have access to hosted Recruity. When your business is growing you must ensure that your Internet connection offers sufficient capacity for all your employees.