Pricing pro version

 Small BusinessProfessional
Hosted Recruity
the hosted version
Not available anymore30 euro per month per user
on your own server
Not available anymoreOne time 2500 euro,
thereafter 500 euro per year

 Small BusinessProfessional
Suitable for:Small businessesRecruitment companies
 HR-departments one userStaffing firms
 Test installationsRecruitment departments

Supporting services
Since Recruity is an open source system, you can modify or extend it easily. If you don't have contacts in the world of open source, you can use of of our preferred suppliers. They will gladly help you with installation, implementation, extension or modifying the system. These suppliers are selected by Recruity on the basis of the quality of their respective services.
  • Implementation of your brand design of designing a new style
  • Editing your websites
  • Installation and implementation
  • Online support and helpdesk
  • Technical extensions and/or modifications
All quoted prices are exluding applicable Value Added Taxes.