functionalityRecruity contains everything you need for a professional recruitment agency or HR department. The main features:
  • CRM Gives you insight into your customers and candidates, including filing via e-mail.
  • Job vacancies Manage your job vacancies, the incoming responses and the publishing of jobs on the web.
  • Share files Share your offers, resumes and business documents with your colleagues.
  • E-mail Mailboxes for everyone, available everywhere.
  • Agenda Keep overview of your agenda and the agendas of your colleagues.
  • Synchronization Synchronize your office with your smart phone or tablet.
  • Social networks Integrate social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter in your recruitment strategy.
  • CMS Design, build and maintain your website easily and everywhere.
  • Firewall Protect your critical databases.
  • Mail server Deliver your e-mail directly to the addressee.
  • Backup Protect your data against calamity.