How to install Recruity?

  1. Download the software, unzip it and put it in a directory of your website that is accessible with a web browser.
  2. Surf to this directory, for example (or Recruity will tell you if your server meets the requirements to run it. If not, it will tell you how to modify your server to enable the execution of Recruity.
  3. If your server meets the requirements, the installation will start automatically. Please follow the steps in this procedure.
If your hosting provider or IT-department doesn't allow you to modify your server settings, there are lots of other possibilities to use Recruity. A few examples: run Recruity on an old pc with Linux and Apache webserver ( or, install an Apache webserver on Windows (, make use of Oracles VirtualBox (, rent a 'virtual private server' at a hosting company (sometimes possible per hour!) or choose for our hosted version. Lots of possibilities. All named software is also open source and free to use.